Recolor and Oterlu Pioneer Revolutionary Moderation AI

Recolor and Oterlu Pioneer Revolutionary Moderation AI

Recolor is breaking new ground by being the first social coloring app to implement smart AI moderation of its community.

The moderation model is a customized creation of Oterlu, a Swedish-based company specialized in creating AIs for online communities. After months of working with Recolor’s own moderation and content strategy teams, the AI has been integrated into the app and immediately reduced the amount of inappropriate comments - which was low to begin with - to nearly zero.

Our commitment to safety

All applications with social communities have a responsibility to moderate user-created content. Recolor is strongly committed to ensuring the safety of its own community, and also spearheading solutions that could create a safer environment for the social coloring landscape as a whole.

Recolor pioneered the concept of social coloring as the first coloring application in the market to include a social community. Now we are trailblazers for tools created specifically to improve the safety of such communities.

Such tools are, of course, paramount to any social online community, as recent high profile cases have shown. Although the majority of conversations are friendly and appropriate, wherever people are using communication platforms, there is a risk of individual troublemakers. Recolor’s rules, as laid out in our TOS and community guidelines, have always been enforced by multiple layers of human moderation. The AI adds an extra pair of eyes that watches each comment written in the community 24/7 and swiftly removes those which are inappropriate.


Oterlu has created an interface to track information about the AI’s functionality and the status of the community. It allows Recolor’s security team to access information and statistics about comment and behavior trends in the community.

“The data shows that the number of inappropriate comments makes up less than 0.2% of all comments in the community,” Recolor’s Content Strategist, explained. “It’s wonderful to know that the vast majority of our users use the commenting feature as it’s intended - for friendly, encouraging conversations and compliments. And now we have the AI, that 0.2% who misuse the comment function are shrinking fast.”

Function and security

The AI model is a modern, groundbreaking moderation system that doesn’t just search and censor words as most of the current automated moderation systems do. It recognizes inappropriate behavior in the comments and removes it from the community.

The model is customized specifically for the type of content in Recolor’s community, and it learns and adjusts actively. The model enforces the rules set by the Recolor community guidelines. It recognizes inappropriate human behavior, such as bullying or attempts to get around the rules.

The model consistently and anonymously flags and hides comments that are in violation of the Recolor community rules, without gathering any personal data or other information of individual users. All user information that goes through the model or Oterlu’s system is anonymised even more fully than the GDPR requires, ensuring that users’ privacy is sacrosanct, while Recolor is able to find and remove rule-breakers.

This cutting-edge moderation system raises Recolor head and shoulders above all other coloring apps, making them number one when it comes to providing a safe and positive experience to every member of its community. Recolor looks forward to the continued use of Oterlu’s AI, and demonstrating to all applications with social features just how groundbreaking - and beneficial - this type of moderation is.

Oterlu provides cutting edge and customized AI-technology to detect negative and toxic behaviour such as harassment. It layers this with a powerful analytics suite to help build a more welcoming community.

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