Dark Mode Has Come to Recolor!

Dark Mode Has Come to Recolor!

When users requested that Recolor offer dark mode functionality, we listened - and now it’s time for Recolor to go dark!

By default, most user interfaces are set to ‘light mode’ - a dark-colored text, usually black, against a white background. Dark mode flips this around to present white text against a black background.

Believe it or not, this actually used to be the default for all devices, because it saved power when the whole of a screen didn’t need to be lit. But when computers began to be marketed towards non-coders, interfaces were redesigned to more resemble paper, as that was more familiar to most people.

Dark mode has made a comeback in the last several years as app creators saw a need to decrease battery drain on devices like phones and tablets. Multiple studies have shown that dark mode reduces eye-strain on users, but some people enjoy dark mode simply for the aesthetic!

Recolor users can now enable dark mode on both iOS and Android.